Best of Pittsburgh (2017)

Another year down, another amazing series of meals in this lovely city of Pittsburgh. We continue to thrive as a community and move forward in both economic and societal successes. Let's all support each other and make sure to especially support those small, neighborhood restaurants that you really enjoy! I was very disappointed to see … Continue reading Best of Pittsburgh (2017)

7-15-16 / Chengdu Gourmet / Pittsburgh, PA

Friday evening, my wife and I joined my parents for dinner in Squirrel Hill. For many years, the only options that I had for Chinese food were the few "American" Chinese restaurants in Squirrel Hill. As the city invited more food cultures in and became more receptive to more "ethnic foods", it was inspiring to see more authentic Szechuan Chinese … Continue reading 7-15-16 / Chengdu Gourmet / Pittsburgh, PA