Best of Pittsburgh (2017)

Another year down, another amazing series of meals in this lovely city of Pittsburgh. We continue to thrive as a community and move forward in both economic and societal successes. Let's all support each other and make sure to especially support those small, neighborhood restaurants that you really enjoy! I was very disappointed to see … Continue reading Best of Pittsburgh (2017)

6-19-16 / Nancy’s East End Diner / Pittsburgh, PA

Last Sunday morning, before going out to run all of our errands, my wife and I decided to return to a new favorite local spot of ours, Nancy's East End Diner. The best kind of greasy spoon, I've been thoroughly impressed with their high-quality ingredients and friendly, warm service. I went all-out with the "Fat Cat" … Continue reading 6-19-16 / Nancy’s East End Diner / Pittsburgh, PA

5-17-16 / BabyStacks Cafe / Las Vegas, NV

The next morning, we arose from our dutiful slumbers and ventured out towards an aggressive breakfast. Ironically,  BabyStacks Cafe was also suggested by the same local who suggested Carson Kitchen. It was equally amazing (albeit differently) and was yet another magical food oasis off the strip. My wife chose the house specialty, the Lolo Rick's Adobo Fried Rice. Described as … Continue reading 5-17-16 / BabyStacks Cafe / Las Vegas, NV