5-14-16 / Slice of Vegas / Las Vegas, NV

Finally finding ourselves hungry again around 1am, we decided to make the short walk from the Luxor over to the Mandalay Shoppes, right next to Burger Bar, to Slice of Vegas. We did quick work of Mamma’s Garlic Bread, 5 slices of toasted Italian bread served with a roasted head of garlic. It was messy, but the garlic was roasted enough to make it easily spreadable on the slices of bread. Neither the bread nor the garlic was that spectacular, but it got the job done.2016-05-14 23.49.52.jpg

The real star was the 4 Cheese Truffle Pizza. Thin, New York style crust, covered in a garlic alfredo sauce, topped with your standard mozzarella, tangy and creamy fontina, generous globs of rich and luscious ricotta, and a sharp and salty parmigiano reggiano. The star of the pizza was the white truffle oil, drizzled liberally over the entire pizza, adding that wonderfully earthy, meaty flavor to the gooey cheeses and buttery alfredo sauce. It was the perfect meal for the time and place we found ourselves in.

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