5-13-16 / Burger Bar / Las Vegas, NV

Recently, I went with my wife and 4 other friends to Las Vegas, NV for a week long birthday celebration. We got to sample quite a varied array of cuisines and I look forward to walking you through each of those meals over the initial series of posts I’ll be making.

Our first stop when we got off the plane, before we’d even checked into our rooms, was Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar. They have an enormous menu, with a “create your own burger” section taking up an entire huge page. I chose to go with the Naturesource Beef burger (medium rare), with the peppered bacon, cheddar, and a fried egg (over-medium). It was easily over three quarters of a pound of beef after cooking and was quite a task to tackle. The flavor of the beef shone through the thick fattiness of the smokey bacon and buttery richness of the egg yolk, which paired with the sharp bite of the cheddar to make one tasty burger. It was a mess to behold, I’m sure, but I made quick work of it.

2016-05-13 11.37.13

(not pictured) We also enjoyed a side of the truffle fries, complete with slices of black truffle and a garlic truffle aioli to dip them in. They were crispy shoe string fries, cooked to a beautiful golden brown, and served blazing hot (as all french fries should be). My wife also enjoyed the grilled chicken breast sandwich. She chose to have it topped with a cooked garlic spinach and pesto aioli on the sesame seed bun, both of which were complemented nicely by the flavorful grilled and marinated chicken breast.

Others at our table took advantage of their variety of milkshakes to enjoy the Irish Coffee, the S’Mores, and the Cookies and Cream milkshakes.

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