5-15-16 / Javier’s / Las Vegas, NV

Sunday for lunch we went to In N Out Burger  around the corner from our hotel. Unfortunately, I demolished my double double with tomato, mustard, and fried onions with animal style fries before I could think to take a picture. I'm just glad there aren't any close locations, not that I would make it a regular thing, but … Continue reading 5-15-16 / Javier’s / Las Vegas, NV

5-14-16 / Jean-Philippe Patisserie / Las Vegas, NV

Finding ourselves wandering around the Aria looking for an afternoon treat, we made a bee-line to Jean Philippe Patisserie. Enormous glass cases full of over 20 different types of pastries and sweets. Each individual pastry looked like a work of art and it was very difficult to narrow the decision. Ultimately, we decided on the Imperial … Continue reading 5-14-16 / Jean-Philippe Patisserie / Las Vegas, NV